Our Mission

Accountability FBI, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonideological, and nonpartisan organization dedicated to providing greater public accountability of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and other government entities, and educate the public about them, through public transparency of those institutions by providing legal services as follows:


Representing Whistleblowers

J. Edgar Hoover ruled the FBI with an iron fist for decades to protect his and the FBI’s power. As part of his legacy, FBI employees have lesser whistleblower protections than every other federal law enforcement agency. So, Accountability FBI helps FBI whistleblowers navigate through that Byzantine process so they can protect themselves while they protect the public by exposing government wrongdoing.


Fighting for Constitutional Rights of Employees

Contrary to what some believe, public employees do not give up their constitutional rights when they begin working for the government. Accountability FBI litigates cases that may set precedent to protect FBI employees’ constitutional rights, particularly First Amendment and Due Process cases. Protecting employees’ constitutional rights serves the public by making sure whistleblowers are protected.


Compelling Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act is supposed to compel the release of public records, but the FBI and DOJ often abuse that law to cover up government wrongdoing. They often wrongly deny requests, forcing the public to file unnecessary lawsuits to receive records to which they are entitled. Accountability FBI requests records and litigates these matters to force the FBI and DOJ to release information that will hold high-ranking officials accountable and help the public understand the institutions that are supposed to be serving the public’s interest.